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InduTech Inc, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is an IT consulting and product company which is driven under the collective aegis of technical, visionary and entrepreneurial, leadership of the founders.
InduTech is a Women’s Business Enterprise and Minority Business Certified Organization

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The gaming team at InduTech has a great mix of passion, experience and is led by people who have shipped multiple products globally.The Team more prominently known as ‘Nexted Gigas’ leverages on the talent of highly creative designers, skilled software engineers, ninja producers, top quality artists and razor sharp quality analysts.

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What Client’s Say

  • Recently we had SBI audit and Feedback session after 3 months of we going LIVE. It gives me immense pleasure to share that we have been credited with best Technical team in addressing changing requirements when compared to other vendors. We have been aggressive in addressing changing requirements and been referred us to other vendors to use our deliverable as basis/reference for their implementation. This is something which I have to credit back to you for the efforts and technical expertise/services you have provided us from Seniors to Juniors. Indeed it was very pressurized environment ,whole team had put lot of hard work, working on weekends, stretching long working hours. We appreciate and congratulate the team for all their hard work in making this happen.

    -Giesecke&Devrient India Pvt Ltd.

  • InduTech in India has been providing Managed Services on IoT for more than a year. They’ve been managing the applications effectively based on agreed application performance and service. They have proactively solved issues impacting the business and handled the continuous releases of the applications without downtime. We are very satisfied and happy to have found InduTech as our offshore development partner. During our relationship, InduTech has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our side. Very happy with the work by the team. The team is very accommodating, professional and expert in their field. Will not hesitate to work with them again on future projects…!


  • Our company is very pleased with the way in which InduTech conducted themselves throughout the entire project, this being of a dedicated and professional manner. This was our first IoT and build and it was a huge project for us. We had constant support throughout the project allowing us to get it to the standard we had originally envisioned. This was achieved through the team from InduTech working with us every step of the way, regardless of how many amendments needed to be made to get things perfect. We engaged with InduTech for development. We got tremendous amount of inputs from InduTech by working with their developers. We worked with InduTech for over one year and InduTech enable us to have a good production and high quality that add a long value to our process. We will not hesitate to work with InduTech in the future and strongly recommend them to future customers…!

    -Sensorise Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.

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